May 15, 2016


old life arrow vs new life arrow choosing between forward movement or status quo with personal & professional coaching

Professional Coaching

Thriving-Potential offers several packages for Professional coaching, with various price points based on specific client concerns and goals. The relationship begins with a free 15 minute phone consultation so we can determine the motivations and goals for coaching. The next step is a personalized coaching package aimed at identifying the steps needed to help the client reach their goals.

Business/Career Coaching

Business/Career Coaching focuses on career and professional domains. Coaching topics commonly include; exploring new career paths, building existing careers, starting new businesses, growing existing businesses or developing further as a top performing entrepreneur/business person. Common examples include; business plan creation, business growth plans, resume building, job search or skills assessment to determine career path options. Professional coaching helps to advance career goals and create the career or professional life you’ve always wanted.

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Professional Coaching

When Professional Coaching Doesn’t Fit

Consulting services are offered, email for an assessment and quote.

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