May 8, 2016

Professional Coaching

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I offer a blended approach to Professional Coaching. This means drawing on years of business experience as well as extensive business education to provide not only a supportive relationship, but knowledge that can help make the process easier.  Professional Coaching is offered in 2 different domains; Executive and Business.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at helping top executives reach their maximum potential. I work with executives to identify and maximize strengths, while also working to minimize limitations. Having been a business owner/top executive for years, it is easier to put myself in upper management/owners shoes to identify the most profitable ways forward. An education in psychology is helpful in identifying underlying beliefs that are holding people back from achieving their potential and helping to develop new skills to move forward.

When working with executives, the goal is to help you achieve the goals and promotions you most desire by attaining the goals you and the organization have set. Years at the head of organizations allows me to understand what is most valuable to gain that promotion. That allows us to hone in on those activities and skills that might be most beneficial to you achieving your success in less time. By meeting your highest potential, you open numerous doors to create the future you most desire.

Business Coaching

Business coaching supports those running their own businesses or wishing to. To help you identify where you want to go and outline your plan to get there, especially if you haven’t yet started your business. I can help in with dealing with employees, planning expansions, organizing day to day activities or increasing efficiency in operations, among others. I’m here to help you through every step, from start up and business plan to execution. Partnering with you in the process, I offer my knowledge of business, coaching and psychology along the way. Why not tap into my education and desire to help in order to move you and your business forward in a faster and more efficient way. I have a special passion for small business ownership and the tenacity, hard work, and broad knowledge it takes to succeed on your own.

If you are looking more for personal help, see personal coaching.

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